Funky finds for fussy folk.

Funky finds for fussy folk.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday Funkessories

Winter is coming.

And that means coats.  It also means finding cute ways to funkerise said coats. In the spirit of sharing important and street-cred-saving solutions, allow me to present Finicalgal's Fabulous Five Funkessories.

1.  Rocket Brooch from i am acrylic.

These guys are purveyors of "individually hand cut stuff, mostly made from acrylic", and have a website full of fun accessories (for fellas and gals), as well as decorative home wares.  Yes, they are based in the UK, but they do ship rather speedily to Australia.  And the overseas locale just means you'll be that much less likely to see someone else wearing your rocket radness. ($18)

2.  Sleeping Fox Brooch from Whimsical Duchess.

Etsy can be a dangerous place for my "savings" account at the best of times but Whimsical Duchess makes it that much more hazardous.  However, this foxy fix of fabulousness is a steal at $7.00, and won't do any irrevocable financial damage.  Besides, he looks adorable nestled below the collar of my black trench.

3.  Whovian wearables from Amazon UK.

Coming in at a tiny 1.5 cm in height, and at only $3 each, you can wear just one of these to add subtle nerd flair, or else group a few together to announce your Gallifreyan geeky greatness to, well, to the universe! (I am quite fond of my Dalek.  He's dalektable!)

4.  DIppy Dino Brooch from Glitterbomb.

Originally advertised as earrings laser cut from a green acrylic, I used my negotiation skills to convince the designer to convert one to a brooch for me.  There's something about the simple and cute rounded form that appeals to me, and my prehistoric pin always attracts compliments. Only $8!  Rawwwr!

5.  Needle felt hedgehog from Creative Atelier.

If you know me at all you knew this was coming. I received this little guy as a gift and he comes all the way from Bulgaria!  He's hand crafted from merino wool and sports a tiny rhinestone flower behind his ear. A $14 adorable hedgy heart stopper!

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